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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 - How are updates handled (i..e. How do you get new forms when the USCIS makes changes)?
A1 - We update the program twice a year. During the 1st year (from the date that you purchase the program), you will get those updates free. After that the updates are sold on a subscription basis for $75 each and you will automatically receive these updates.

Q2 - Are the forms up-to-date now? The demo has an out-of-date form!
A2 - On the About ImmigrationPro page, there is a list of all the forms currently in the program and the date on those forms. Check these form dates against the USCIS Acceptable Forms page at You will find that 100% of our forms are acceptable according the information on the USCIS webstie. The demos are separate programs and they are not updated as fast as the actual working programs.

Q3 - How do I get the program - Email, FTP, USPS mail, FedEx?
A3 - When you place your order, you can specify whether you want to download the program from the internet or a CD is sent via Priority Mail. After your order is processed, a download-link is emailed to you where you can download it from the Internet or the CD is mailed via Priority Mail (a 2-3 day service). These two methods are free and there is no extra charge for these. We can also ship via FedEx if your order is recieved here by 2:30 PST (West Coast time) but there is an additional Shipping and Handling charge of $50 extra.

Q4 - Does the program come with a Users Guide or other instructions?
A4 - Yes, the Users Guide automatically installs when you install the program and is in html format so you can use either Netscape or Internet Explorer to view the Users Guide. The Users Guide shows how to use the program but if you need information on how to fill out the form, please see our Links & Resources page for books available from Nolo Press which has information on what information goes where on each form.

Q5 - Is there a network version available?
A5 - No, a network version is no longer available.

Q6 - How do I Uninstall a demo or working version of the Program?
A6 - This link shows How to Uninstall the program.